BEAR Self Preservation Program

Man Kicking Boxing Bag in Martial Arts Class

The BEAR Self Preservation Program focuses on the utilization of the body’s natural mechanical movement and gross motor skills to quickly and effectively create a Basic Efficient Active Response (B.E.A.R) of survival and preservation in any violent or life-threatening situation. 

Through this state of the art self-defense program, BEAR SPS takes a blend of various disciplines of Martial Arts (i.e. Kali, BJJ, Kickboxing, TKD, & CQC weapon tactics) and focuses on the development and application of Principles over Techniques. 

The concept of “Flow” and “Live Energy” Drills are key components to the quick development one will achieve through the BEAR Self Preservation Program. This type of drilling focuses on repetitive motions with intent and simulation of realistic situations to efficiently create muscle memory, gross motor skills, instinctual actions, and most importantly self-confidence! 

BEAR Martial Arts Fitness Program

BEAR SPS realizes that not everyone that steps into a gym has athletic aspirations, but finds that there isn’t anyone around that wouldn’t want to have a fit, athletic body. Taking the exact methods and techniques used to forge some of the greatest, most explosive, and strongest physiques in pro sports and martial arts and now applying it to you…BEAR SPS has now made it possible for everyone to look like an athlete with their complete BEAR Martial Arts Fitness Program. 

BEAR Taekwondo

Kids in taekwondo class

Our amazing BEAR Cub program assists in the improvement of both verbal & motor skills all while building confidence. We focus equally on physical & life skills helping with relationship building, like how to get along with others and respect for authority. For our Cubs we understand the importance of having fun and playing games while being inspired to do a great round house kick.

With confidence and self control being the biggest challenge students face at this stage, the BEAR Youth Program meets this challenge by integrating a martial arts focus of integrity and discipline with the positive knowledge of introductory self defense. The life & character development skills learned through this program are designed to assist the student in becoming a confident, outgoing, positive young person who is able to stand up for themselves. 

“Our primary goal is to teach our students to escape a confrontation WITHOUT fighting but if a confrontation persists and your child has no other choice but to defend themselves, we want them to be able to do it in the safest, most effective, & responsible way possible.” – Master Kenny Ault

“The Family That Trains Together, Bonds Together! “

This program is designed for any age, fitness, or experience level. this top-notch training ensures practicing martial arts safely, getting a great physical workout, and having lots of fun. It’s a fantastic way to spend quality time together! 

Students learn practical self-defense techniques in a positive, inspiring environment that is both challenging and rewarding… something your whole family can enjoy together! 

“ Setting and achieving goals together as a family has really helped my child and I, It is great to spend such precious time together.” – Rainy Hsia, Parent & Student 

Once a student shows focus, discipline, confidence, and commitment toward their goal of Black Belt, they will be invited to join the more challenging Advanced Black BEAR Program. This program is designed to accelerate the student’s learning and development on their path towards Black Belt. They will develop Leadership qualities, Taekwondo Sport Sparring skills, demonstration abilities, as well as self-defense principles from our state of the art Self Preservation Program.

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The Primary focus is the Preservation of Self and Loved Ones!